Doula Care for Your Family

Welcome! We are part of the birth and parenting community in Portland, Oregon. Itsabelly is a group of doulas, childbirth educators, childproofers, and more!

We are a group of a birth and postpartum doulas and parenting professionals

It is the desire of our doula and parent support team to help each client find their resources and connect to their unique community.
We do this by asking questions and listening to who our clients are before babies arrive. Not every birth plan is the same. A set postpartum plan isn’t going to work for every family. Some families have a large network that is planning to be the main support after baby, or babies, come home. While for other families, our support team becomes their safety net until they are ready to fly on their own. You may be looking for support for your first birth, or support you did not have with a previous labor. Maybe you are feeling a bit anxious about caring for a newborn and would like the reassurance of a caring guide. Or you may want help with nourishing meals or sibling support. We are here for you.



Our firm belief is that there is a missing ritual in our culture around becoming families. While we don’t impose our own ideas of what that is into our work, we try to enhance what has been passed down to connect the generations before to this new one starting. We honor and continue the tradition of women and communities supporting and caring for new parents, children and growing families.

Our team has been working with families since 2000 under our previous business name of Renaissance Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals. Our birth team is unique in that it works with two team members from the beginning of our agreements, This allows for each family to really know the team on call for them. One of the two doulas attends when called, no need for an unknown backup. Our postpartum doulas provide nurturing care, education, and hands on help for mama, baby and family. We have extensive knowledge of multiples, not hard to do with Deana Andersen-Tennant, multiples specialist, as the lead of the postpartum team! Our postpartum doulas all work with both single babies and twins, and we offer day and overnight support, and multiples consults for newborn care and breastfeeding.

With our re-branding to ItsaBelly, we are now offering childproofing services. Our team can come in and audit your home and alert you to areas that might be overlooked. As one of the only Certified Childproofers in Oregon you can be confident in the information provided.

We are a large part of the free community support in the surrounding area. Providing virtual groups has become a cornerstone of reaching out to our community. Click Support Groups for a list of all of our offerings.

We also are part of a strong community network to help connect you with other resources you might need, such as lactation consultants, craniosacral therapists, and postpartum yoga classes. We can offer choices to help you find skilled support as needed. Whether your transition is smooth or challenging, we want you to feel held in a circle of support and care.

Thank you for being here. Have a look around our site and when you are ready, click Service Request at the top of each page. Our team will get back to you right away.