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Christina Smyth, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)

Providing Pediatric Sleep Support to Growing Families

Hello! I am so glad you’re here!

I am a DONA International Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and have been supporting childbearing families since 2010. My journey toward Doula work began when I was a child. My earliest memory of what I wanted to be when I grew up, was deciding whether I wanted to become a nurse or a teacher. As I got older, I thought maybe I’d become a Pediatrician, but once I became a mom, that vision narrowed down specifically to childbearing families. I always had a sense that supporting families and caring for children was in my future.

As a young wife and mother, I helped to support my husband as he finished up school and got settled into the career he currently works in. During those years, I worked in chiropractic offices as an assistant and later as an in-home daycare provider so I could be home with my quickly growing children, which has provided a wealth of information and experience I would not have gained any other way. While I was volunteering at a Pregnancy Center in 2010, I supported an expectant family through some significant health concerns and realized that Doula work was what I was being called to do. I began my training immediately as a Birth Doula. While researching and learning about Doula work, I saw a huge gap in our Western Culture for postpartum support and decided to become certified in both.

Since then, we’ve had two children graduate High School with the third hot on their heels; we’ve relocated to Oregon from Colorado; our eldest son has married his high school sweetheart and has blessed us with two grandchildren; and I’ve joined this wonderful team of Doulas that I have the privilege to work with. My family is the center of my world and I am reminded everyday just how quickly time passes!

In 2018, I added Family Sleep Institute Pediatric Sleep Consultant to my certifications. With my work supporting families in the postpartum period and my volunteer work facilitating new parent groups, I’ve seen an increased need for quality sleep support and training options for families. The question, “how do I get my baby to sleep?” is always at the top of the list and with so many differing opinions, books and methods, it’s nearly impossible for a busy family, who isn’t sleeping well, to sort through it all.

I am happy to support any family at any age in establishing safe, healthy and developmentally appropriate sleep habits. My desire is to help families provide the best environment and opportunity so their child may develop the ability to consolidate their sleep and sleep independently. I have a lot of experience with newborns and twins that gives me a skill that many other sleep consultants may not be comfortable providing and offer several sleep support options to meet each individual family’s needs and wishes. If you are not happy with your child’s sleep, then sleep support is for you!

I look forward to visiting with you about your Birth, Postpartum and Pediatric Sleep needs!


Christina Smyth, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

As your Doula or Pediatric Sleep Consultant, you can expect from me absolutely, judgment free support. Each family is on their own personal journey and while I am happy to offer evidence-based information and share my knowledge and experiences to aid in your decision making processes and execution, my ultimate desire is that you feel empowered to make the decisions that are right for your family. It is my desire that you feel heard, validated and respected throughout your journey.

Christina Smyth, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)

FSI Pediatric Sleep Consultant