Do you want to become a baby planner without having to set up a whole new business from scratch? If so, contact us for more details on how to become an Itsabelly Consultant in your city. For details, call 503-799-5719 or email Find out more about our ebooks & Baby Planner U program below!

Baby Planner in a Box (eBook format)

Our comprehensive start-up ebook helps entrepreneurs launch their own baby planning businesses. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to re-create the wheel! Buy it now for $99 and download it instantly via the “buy now” button below.


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A peek at the ebook’s contents (materials come in electronic/printable files):

Business Plan Outline
Tips on Building an Optimized Website
Marketing Strategy & How to Build Buzz
Social Media Tips
How to Expand Your Internet Marketing Skills
Earning Media Attention and Expert Status
Media Relations Tips
Developing Your Pricing Model
How to Work with Clients
How to Set Up Third Party Vendor Relationships
Contract Templates
Baby Registry Store Resource List

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“I feel so very lucky to have found Melissa Moog while starting my business. I purchased the Baby Planner in a Box to launch my own baby planning business.  After receiving the kit filled with tools and comprehensive details about baby planning it is clear why her brand and business has become so successful.    As a pioneer in this niche industry she has shared so many valuable insights and tips for those of us starting out in baby planning. I am in complete awe of her professionalism, marketing know-how, industry leadership and entrepreneurial style.   I view her as a role model and hope that my baby planning business can one day emulate the trusted and recognized brand Itsabelly.”
– Tracy Montgomery, Joie Baby Concierge, Dallas

“It is very evident that Melissa has pulled all of her resources together and spent many long hours to compile the Baby Planner in a Box kit. I found the information to be a great blueprint for someone yearning to get started in the baby planning/baby concierge business. I still refer back to it from time to time and find it refreshing. The information is thorough and concise and leaves room for you to ?make it your own.? I highly recommend the Baby Planner In A Box to anyone looking to get into this wonderful niche of baby planning.”
– Kelly Glorioso, Maryland

“The Baby Planner Kit was a great tool to start my baby planning business. It offered the insight to keep me organized in the beginning of what could be an overwhelming process. I would recommend the kit to anyone who is interested in working in a great industry!”
– Shawn Kiraly Corry, Ohio

Baby Guidebook (eBook format, materials come in electronic/printable files)

As a baby planner you can be more effective and offer your clients a more valued service with The Baby Guidebook materials! For more information see below for a description. Purchase it now for $99 by clicking on the “buy now” button and download it instantly.


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These ready-to-use eKit materials include:

  • Pages of worksheets, checklists, and resources for clients;
  • The materials come in electronic format via email, in easy to alter Microsoft Word or Excel formats