Elizabeth Benz

Elizabeth Benz is a Certified Postpartum Doula through Dona International. Elizabeth is a mother of three, with a set of boy/girl twins. She loves working with families of singletons and multiples and feels that her experience raising and caring for both gives her a unique insight into the importance of having extra care and support in the first few months after bringing baby/babies home. The support she received from doulas after having her twins always stayed with her. She found herself naturally supporting many friends during their postpartum times (especially those with multiples). Once herchildren were old enough to handle her getting back into the workforce, she decided to become certified and start helping families professionally. 

As a Postpartum Doula she focuses on helping families with life after pregnancy. That is accomplished through education around baby care, self care, safety and breastfeeding techniques. She also provides an extra pair of hands, and can be a listening ear to families. Part of what makes Elizabeth a great doula is her ability to assess what the family really needs so they can be at ease and enjoy this time. She knows from experience that this time with your newborn(s) is short and her mission is to help families not just survive but really cherish these moments.  She wants this time to be enjoyed by all and strives to set up all the families she works with to thrive long after her services are needed.


Elizabeth has had the privilege of supporting many families over the years, many of them being families with multiples. “Every time I help a new family I feel very privileged to be able to support them. Getting to know their baby(ies), understanding what would be most helpful not just to the child, but to the family is vital.” Personally she is a lover of books, fiction and ongoing education for her doula work make up most of her home library. She loves to bake, a skill her clients benefit from and very much appreciate.  She is a huge advocate for self care and believes something as small as a walk, or getting a cup of coffee by yourself can make a huge difference towards feeling able to tackle the upcoming day or week. Elizabeth is also trained as a Birth Doula and is now taking on birth clients with our team!