I love birth work because I love supporting and creating space for birthing people during this sacred period in their lives. I am deeply passionate about bodily autonomy and actively aiding the birthing persons’ rights, especially during this intensely personal and vulnerable time. I am also devoted to preventing birth trauma and creating space for and working through past birth trauma. My earnest desire is to assist you so that you can have the happiest birth experience because you deserve it!

With my first birth experience, I was anxious to have my baby, so I hired a certifying doula to advocate for me during my birth. During that time, I learned that I had the power to advocate for myself. I felt, and still feel, so empowered and strengthened – mind, body, and spirit – through that accomplishment. That led me to want to serve others in having a similarly powerful experience and to have a happy and positive birth experience that will impact the rest of their lives. 

I am certifying through DONA International and completed my training in October 2019.

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