Melissa Wright 
Postpartum Nanny

For as long as I can remember… I have been drawn to both pregnant people, babies, and young children. So many pictures of me as a young child myself admiring babies and mamas. So much so, that my life goal was to become a mom(and then a teacher). Lucky for me, I was able to do both.

I have been knee-deep in caring for children and supporting families my entire life… I started babysitting in early adolescence and became a nanny as I got older. Growing up with a single mom I quickly learned self sufficiently.  I’ve been a career nanny for over 30 years, and lucky enough to care for families with singletons, multiple children, and many sets of twins-not including my own.

Yup, I’m a mama of twins as well. I have a bachelors in general Psychology and a whole lot of child development under my belt. I wholeheartedly believe a relationship foundation should be built on trust and reliability. This is true from the very beginning – as a newborn, and continues all throughout life. I try my hardest to carry this belief in all I do, including working with families.

In my spare time- I typically spend with my dog and my daughter.