Taylor Tappin HeadshotTaylor Tappin,
Full-Spectrum Doula 
As the oldest of four, caring for others has always been something deeply rooted within me.
I always say I started my Doula journey at the age of 10, when mom had birthed my twin sisters. Recovering from a caesarean and juggling three under 3 was a tremendous job for one.
With a father who worked full-time, my mother was in need of some extra hands. I was more than happy to step in, and be a support person for the wonderful woman who brought me into this world.
After helping through many long nights, tandem feedings, and diaper changes, I felt the itch to get into childcare.
I had started nannying all through grade school, and all the way into my mid 20’s. I definitely knew newborn care was really what I felt most passionate about. 
Getting to provide support to parents of a new baby was so unbelievably rewarding, knowing you can offer them some much needed relief and rest.
This passion had led me to start getting certified as a Birth and Postpartum Doula.
As a Doula I always strive to make my clients feel heard, cared for, and most importantly comfortable.
I offer support focused and unbiased care, so that my clients can “come as they are” and feel that they are in a safe space, with me.
With almost 2 decades of newborn and childcare experience, those I support can feel assured that their family is in good hands.
After finishing my DONA approved courses, I have broadened my scope with additional certifications, such as:
Trauma Informed Care, All Genders Birthing, and Acupressure for Birth.
Acupressure can be useful for a variety of things during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.
Whether it’s to provide pain and stress relief, or even natural labor induction. 
For my Birth Clients I offer guidance through the whole process, from nesting to baby’s arrival. As well as relaxation massage, coaching, partner support, baby prep, and much more!
Birthwork is something that truly fills my cup. As an empath, I knew from a very young age that I wanted to do something to help others.
Once I learned of Doula work, it all just clicked. 
Regardless of someone’s identity or walk of life, I always show up to provide the much-needed support that everyone deserves. 
In my free time, you can find me with my head in a non-fiction book, gardening, tending to one of my many houseplants, and being creative with a paintbrush or in the kitchen. 
I am a lover of music, animals, and all things in nature. Camping under the stars or hiking to catch a good view, I’m there. 
Taylor Tappin
Full-Spectrum Doula