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Amanda Shares Her Thoughts on the Transition into Parenthood

As a recent graduate of Northwestern University’s Masters in Marital and Family Therapy program, and a lover of all things baby, I have joined Itsabelly Chicago’s baby planning team as a Parenting and Wellness Therapist. I am trained in providing individual, couples, and family therapy with a special interest in working with women and couples regarding prenatal and postpartum care, as well as the transition into parenthood.

In addition to my formal training, I have 8 years of nanny experience as well as an adept knowledge of the baby industry. From the bugaboo, to boppy, to baby bjorns, I also join the team with a passion for baby planning.

For those of you in the process of preparing for baby, there is a great deal of emotional work that can be done before your little one arrives. Take this opportunity to talk the details of daily life now – this is your quiet time! Discuss roles, expectations, and how you will nurture your relationship with each other. For some, this includes the nuts and bolts of who does dishes or laundry as well as 3am feedings to date nights and “couples time”.

Above all else, keep in mind that strong marriages help nurture strong babies. Often, it seems that a baby is the entire focus of the family. While they certainly require a great deal of love and care, a lack of focus on partner and self ultimately stress the family system. And thus, a true “child focus” includes a focus on your own well-being and marriage.

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