Want to Launch Your Own Baby Planning or a Baby Related Business?

First, thank you for visiting our site! We’re flattered that you’re giving Itsabelly an opportunity to help get you started in the right direction regarding your path to baby planning. Itsabelly offers guidance to aspiring baby planners and entrepreneurs seeking expert advice on how to take their baby planning business to the next level of profitability. We’re proud to have coached over 200+ clients in the USA and overseas on how to launch a baby planning business since 2007! See testimonialsfrom happy clients below.

Additionally, our experience with helping entrepreneurs catapult their businesses into a successful launch phase stems from our popular eKit “Baby Planner in a Box” which is the only in-depth and comprehensive start-up kit on the market. It is based off Itsabelly’s customer growth, marketing and branding success over the last five years written by our founder, Melissa Moog who is known for her expert knowledge and dedication to growing the baby planning industry. Google Melissa’s name and you’ll understand why she’s a true expert!

Our Baby Planner U program focused on helping aspiring baby planners launch their business. We offer the following :

  • “One on One” consultations on how to move your current business forward
  • Teleseminars such as “Baby Planner 101” to help you jump start your business
  • Two products in eKit format: Baby Planner in a Box and Baby Guidebookwhich can help you get started immediately in launching your business as described below
  • Baby Planner Employment with Itsabelly

Also check out Baby Planner U for more details on classes and consulting offered!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 503-799-5719 for more information or email us at info@itsabelly.com.