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Extra Hands During the Day and Peaceful Overnights

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Postpartum doulas can bring confidence and joy to the early postpartum period.  After working with families of multiples for over 25 years and giving birth to my identical twin boys and then boy/girl twins ten years later I have come to realize how crucial it is.  I am so happy to have this amazing group of professional doulas who care for families with singletons and specialize in twins, triplets or more.

Below you will find information about postpartum doulas and overnight nannies.  Within the framework of our services we can help you navigate those early weeks while supporting your unique parenting style. From here you can contact me or the office to schedule time to talk about your needs. Deana Andersen-Tennant

Having a postpartum doula is a game-changer for your sanity during this exciting time. We're here to ease your stress, so you can focus on bonding with your new baby and adjusting to your growing family.

During the day, we provide hands-on education on caring for your infant and yourself. We'll guide you in getting to know your baby's unique abilities and talents. Creating a nurturing environment, we'll ensure you have time to eat, shower, and rest. We can handle grocery shopping and meal prep, entertain older children, and help integrate the new baby into your family dynamics.


We'll spend time with your baby, giving you precious moments to cuddle or connect with older siblings. Offering parenting tips, we'll empower you to handle your new responsibilities with confidence. We'll also be there to screen for breastfeeding challenges or postpartum mood disorders, providing support and referrals to local resources as needed.

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Our goal is to help you develop the skills and resources you'll need in the coming weeks and months. We can organize the nursery and home, take care of the baby's laundry, and offer a listening ear without judgment.

For our "overnight" support, we'll teach you parenting strategies that will eventually make our services unnecessary. We'll educate you on baby care and sleep patterns, assist with breastfeeding, and handle diapering and burping during the night, so you can stay cozy in bed. We can even bring snacks and beverages to you while feeding the baby. Afterward, we'll take the contentedly fed baby to another room and help them back to sleep, so you can rest soundly between feedings. If bottle feeding you have the choice of not being disturbed all night. We can take care of all of the feedings and soothing back to sleep while you get a much needed break. 

Having a postpartum doula by your side can make a world of difference, offering valuable support and care during this precious time.

Overnight Nanny

Let our trained night support give you the gift of a good night's sleep. With our overnight nanny service, you can finally take a break knowing that your baby/babies are in experienced and postpartum-trained hands. Our night nannies focus solely on your baby's needs, ensuring your family gets the rest it deserves.

Whether you're using formula or pumped breast milk, our night nannies are well-versed in both and will support any night routine you've established. We believe that your ability to cope and enjoy your babies directly correlates with the amount of sleep your household gets.

As a group specializing in twins and triplets, we are confident in taking over the care of your babies at night. Our service includes full care for your baby/babies, handling bottles for night feedings and the next day, and taking care of baby's laundry.

Rest assured that our Doulas and Night Nannies are CPR certified, ensuring your peace of mind and the safety of your little ones. With our support, you can wake up refreshed and ready to embrace each day with your growing family.

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