Postpartum doulas can bring confidence and joy to the early postpartum period.  After working with families of multiples for over 25 years and giving birth to my identical twin boys and then boy/girl twins ten years later I have come to realize how crucial it is.  I am so happy to have this amazing group of professional doulas who care for families with singletons and specialize in twins, triplets or more.

Below you will find information about postpartum doulas and overnight nannies.  Within the framework of our services we can help you navigate those early weeks while supporting your unique parenting style.

From here you can contact me or the office to schedule time to talk about your needs.

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Our Postpartum Doulas

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Postpartum Doula

By having a postpartum doula you are able to hold on to a bit sanity in your life. We can help you by taking the stress off so you can concentrate on the new baby and integrate the new member into your family.

Below is what is offered on DONA International covering what a doula might do during her time with your family.  As a group, we have all agreed to follow this code of doula care. If you are expecting twins or other higher order multiples this list is multiplied in its relevance.

A postpartum doula supporting a family during daytime hours might…

Provide hands-on education on infant and mother care

Come alongside the parents and help them to get to know the abilities and talents of their new baby

Create a nurturing, restful atmosphere in which parents may eat, shower and nap

Shop for groceries and prepare meals

Play with older children and offer suggestions for how to integrate the new baby into the family

Spend time with the baby, allowing parents to cuddle and have quality time with older children or just be alone together

Introduce parenting tips, helping parents to learn skills that will enable them to cope with their new responsibilities

Screen for hurdles such as breastfeeding challenges or postpartum mood disorders

Make referrals to any local or informational resources that the parents might need

Work herself out of a job by helping parents to gather the skills and resources that they will need in the upcoming weeks and months

Help to organize the nursery and home

Take care of the baby’s laundry

Offer a listening, non-judgmental ear

A postpartum doula supporting a family during the “overnight” hours might…

Work herself out of a job by teaching parenting tips and strategies that will eventually make her services unnecessary

Educate about new baby care and sleep patterns

Assess and help with breastfeeding

Diaper and burp baby, so that mom does not need to move around – she can just stay cozy in her bed to feed and snuggle baby

Bring snacks and beverages to the mother while feeding her baby at night

Prepare pump supplies or bottles for the next feeding or the next day

Take the contentedly fed baby to another room and help the baby to go back to sleep, so parents can sleep soundly between feedings

Overnight Nanny

Let our trained night support help you get good nights sleep.  Our overnight nanny service gives you the break you need with the assurance that you are leaving your baby/babies in the capable hands of someone with experience and postpartum training.  The night nanny focus is on the baby’s needs as your family gets a full night of rest.  The night nanny is experienced with both formula and pumped breast milk and will support any night routine you have put into place.

We find that the ability to cope and enjoy your babies has a direct correlation with the amount of sleep your household is getting.  As a group that specializes in twins and triplets we are comfortable taking over the care of your babies at night.

Service offers:
Full care of baby/babies
Care of bottles for night feedings and following day
Baby’s laundry

* Our Doulas and Night Nannies are CPR certified and can provide you with a recent background check.

* Night Nanny service is available when baby(ies) have reached at least 4 weeks old/adjusted.