As parents, we spend a lot of time thinking about the safety of our child. We read books, check out baby proofing gear, ask friends, and generally spend a lot of time worrying about the many household hazards we did not even know existed pre-baby. From crumbs on the floor to the distance between your balusters, everywhere you turn there is a possible area of concern.

While it may feel overwhelming as you look around your home and wonder how to make your home as safe as possible, we want you to know that it is doable!  You will not need to cover your home in bubble wrap and give all your belongings away. ItsaBelly Baby Proofers are here to help. Our job and number one goal is to help you navigate the overwhelming task of creating a safe environment for your children to thrive in. Our experienced baby proofers know just where to look and what changes to make to keep your little ones safe; from safe sleep to creating that ultimate “yes space”, we leave no stone unturned.

Whether you are preplanning baby’s arrival or in the throes of a crawling, toddling daredevil; a home safety audit is the best place to start. Our babyproofer will spend their time getting to know your home and your family so that they may make recommendations that fit your specific needs. Once our babyproofer has combed your home for all the possible areas of concern, you will receive a report of how to remedy these concerns with recommendations of products to use.  Not handy with a hammer or screwdriver? That’s ok too, ask us for handymen recommendations.

Services include;

Home Safety Audit – Our Professional Childproofer will assess the areas of your home you have concerns for and the safety issues needing to be addressed. You will receive a report outlining the areas of concern and the recommended remedy.

0 – 1500 SQR FT, $195

1500 – 2000 SQR FT, $245

2000 – 3000 SQR FT, $295

3000 – 4000 SQR FT, $395

*For anything over 4000 SQR FT or other than living space please contact us directly so that we can make sure your unique needs are met!