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How to Keep Newborns Cool in a Heatwave

Hey there! Melissa Wright here from ItsaBelly, and I’m excited to share some cool tips to keep your little one(s) safe and comfortable during those hot summer days. Bringing home a new baby is such a joy, but when you add a heatwave to the mix, it can definitely get a bit overwhelming. But fret not! We’ve got you covered with some easy ways to beat the heat and keep your baby comfortable.

First things first, when it’s scorching outside, it’s best to stay indoors and create a cool haven for everyone but especially your baby. They can’t handle the heat like we adults do. Their tiny bodies have a harder time regulating temperature, making them more prone to heat rash and discomfort. So, playing it super safe, keep them cool and cozy inside.

Now, who wants to stay inside all the time!! If you venture out for a little sunshine and fresh air, make sure your baby is dressed in light and loose clothing. Staying in the shade is a smart move too, as it protects their delicate skin from the sun’s rays. Don’t forget to pop a sunhat with a big brim to shade their face and neck.

Hydration is key during these warm days. For babies under 6 months, breast/chest milk or formula is all they need. As for older babies, you can introduce small sips of water to their diet. Make sure they’re getting enough fluids to stay hydrated.

Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration, like extreme thirst, low energy, or fewer wet diapers. If you notice anything unusual, don’t hesitate to reach out to your pediatrician for guidance.

If your little one starts feeling too hot, it’s time to bring them indoors and let them chill out. You can even give them a nice tepid bath to help them cool down. No need to limit it – the more baths, the merrier!

Here’s a bonus tip: Having a fan or air conditioning in the baby’s room can be a total game-changer. But remember, keep it away from directly blowing on them to avoid discomfort.

Oh, and did you know that sunscreen isn’t recommended for babies under 6 months? Their delicate skin needs a bit of extra care. Lightweight loose clothing is best for very young babies. So, go ahead and enjoy your summer with your adorable little one(s). And remember, if you ever need more information or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay cool, stay safe, and have a wonderful time making precious memories with your baby during this sunny season! 😎🌞

Melissa Wright – Professional Nanny / Overnight Nanny

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