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Elizabeth Benz

Birth & Postpartum - CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)
Calm, informed, doula care for birth and postpartum. Twins, Triplets, and More | Trauma Informed | VBAC

For over 20 years, I have been deeply passionate about pregnancy and birth. My personal journey inspired me to assist families during their own transformative experiences as a birth and postpartum doula. As a mother of three, including a set of boy/girl twins, I intimately understand the challenges and joys of multiple pregnancies and births. The support I received from my own doulas left a lasting impact, leading me to naturally support friends, particularly those with multiples, during their postpartum period. When my children reached school age, I made the decision to become a certified doula and offer professional assistance to families.

As a doula, I provide comprehensive support throughout the entire journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

During birth, I offer physical and emotional assistance through techniques such as hands-on comfort, position suggestions, counter pressure, and breathing exercises. Whether you need an encouraging cheerleader or a calming presence during challenging moments, I adapt my approach to provide personalized support. Recognizing the crucial role of partners, I also guide and teach them to offer optimal support. My ultimate goal is to ensure that your birth experience is positive, empowering, and cherished.

In my postpartum doula care, I draw upon my experience as a mother of three to understand the value of an extra pair of hands, non-judgmental advice, and attentive listening. I have a special affinity for families with both singletons and multiples, as I recognize the unique care and support required during those early months. Through education on baby care, self-care, safety, and breastfeeding techniques, I empower families to thrive after pregnancy.

What sets me apart as a doula is my ability to assess each family's specific needs, allowing them to feel at ease and truly savor this precious time.

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I understand that the newborn phase is fleeting, and my mission is not just to help families survive but to help them cherish these moments.

By providing the necessary support, I strive to ensure that all families thrive long after my services are no longer needed.

On a personal note, I am an avid reader, particularly in the realm of ongoing doula education, which fills my home library. My love for baking also benefits my clients, who appreciate the treats I create. I am a strong advocate for self-care, recognizing the significance of small acts like taking a solitary walk or enjoying a cup of coffee in bolstering one's ability to navigate the demands of the day or week.

Having supported numerous families, especially those with multiples, I feel privileged to provide assistance during this pivotal time. Each new family I help deepens my understanding of their unique needs, both for their baby(ies) and as a cohesive unit.

Supporting families during birth and postpartum is a remarkable experience, but my greatest joy comes from witnessing families thrive and making joyful memories together long after I have completed care.

If you'd like to discuss doula support further, please fill out a Service Request Form, ensuring to include my name. I will respond to you promptly.

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