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Birth & Postpartum THW
"Helping families get the best start possible - for the long-term wellness of the next generation."
Neurodivergent Families | Trauma Informed Care | Post Partum Mood Disorders | Sibling Doula

Ever since I can remember, I've been captivated by the incredible power of women to create and bring new life into the world. As a young child, my fascination with fetal development and birth led me to check out books on the topic from the library, much to my mom's amusement and support.

I was the kind of kid who always had an armful of dolls, proudly declaring to anyone who would listen that I would become a mother and have a big family with 12 children. As I grew older, that dream never waned, and I found myself eagerly preparing for the moment when I would have my own baby.

However, when the time finally came for my first baby's arrival, I realized that even with all my preparations, I felt surprisingly under-prepared. The moment of childbirth can be overwhelming, and despite attending Lamaze classes and reading numerous books, the reality of the experience was quite different. My partner, who had also learned with me, forgot everything in the moment, and my vision of a perfect birth seemed to vanish.

I had three beautiful children (not quite reaching my dream of twelve), but it wasn't until after their births that I discovered the concept of a Doula. Learning about the valuable support provided by an experienced, knowledgeable, and calming presence during birth was eye-opening. I realized that having a Doula by my side could have helped me have a more positive birthing experience and potentially reduced the need for interventions.

Moreover, I learned that Doula support extends beyond childbirth. Having that same calming and knowledgeable presence in the home during those critical first weeks with a newborn can be invaluable. If I had known about Doulas and their support during both birth and postpartum, I'm certain I would have sought their guidance to achieve the experiences I now strive to help my clients attain.

In 2015, I embarked on my journey as a Birth & Postpartum Doula, and since then, my heart has known that this is where I truly belong. The joy and fulfillment I feel in this work are beyond words, and I am deeply grateful to be part of such an incredible journey with the families I support.

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