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Shannon Morrison

Postpartum Doula
Postpartum Doula
"Helping parents transition into their newfound roles as parents by providing support,  guidance, learning and rest." Multiples Support | NICU and Premie Support | Building New Family Systems
As a twin and NICU mama, postpartum work has stolen my heart, leading me to join this incredible team.

My journey into the world of postpartum support began as a twin postpartum client myself. After my twins grew up a bit and I had my third baby, I felt a strong calling to be on the other side of postpartum work, offering care and support to other new parents.Having lived the experience of welcoming premature NICU twins as my first children and adding a sibling to a busy household, I discovered a newfound calling to help others with as their families grow.

I am passionate about helping new families adjust to their expanded family, especially those welcoming multiples. My own experiences have taught me the value of doula support, and during my quarantine time at home, I decided to get trained so I could offer that vital support to other families once it was safe to do so.

I have worked with families with premature infants, dealt with colicky babies (including one of my own), provided meal prep and organization, and kept everything running smoothly in twin households where the needs are plenty and varied.

Residing in NE Portland, I love sharing not only what has worked for me but also various options I have seen in the twin world that have been successful for friends and other new parents.At home, I keep my family thriving while exploring PDX, camping across the Pacific Northwest and nurturing my new found sewing hobby.Being in the Postpartum Doula world while my kids are still growing keeps me fresh in the humbling parenting realm, but it also allows me to serve with an open mind, providing strength in advocating for new parents. Being a part of this journey with other families is an absolute joy, and I'm excited to support and uplift you during this transformative time.

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