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Are You Capturing Those Ultimate Precious Moments?


By Amy Kux, Itsabelly San Francisco

The other day I started to review my photos of Maya ‘s first 11 months of life.  I found that a lot of them are just “alright.”  I also noticed that many are the same, but with little (and I mean little) changes; hand moved, head slightly tilted, tilted a little more, etc.  The other issue I found, it that I am the one behind the camera, leaving me with loads of Maya and papa pictures, but none with me (ok, I have about 10 and most are close ups of Maya with a little bit of my face or chest).   What I really wish I had, is a set of perfect pictures that can be passed down for generations to come.
Professional pictures may seem to be an added luxury, especially in this economy, but in meeting Jenny Lee, she brought up a point that I never really thought of; “capturing memories.” As we talked, I realized that I have loads of pictures of Maya in her first few months, but I never captured the essence of the moments.  I was so into the details, the newness of it all, that I may have overlooked the vital point of getting the feelings in print.
Jenny Lee is able to encapsulate the moments of pregnancy, newborns and beyond in such an unobtrusive way. Officially, she specializes in “Modern Lifestyle Photography” for Newborns, Babies and Maternity.  This style is well articulated since she comes to your home, in your natural environment, and catches the moment, the feelings, and the emotions.  Below are some of those moments that she has captured of her clients.  I am now hoping that I have done the same in at least a few of my million pictures.

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