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By Nicole Mabry, Itsabelly Atlanta Baby Planners

A great green parenting tip is to make sure you join a Freecycle group in your area. While Freecycle groups aren’t just for parents, they’re a great way for any household to go green.  Freecyclers post messages about items that they have in their homes that they no longer want and want to give away for free rather than disposing of them.  Instead of ending up in a landfill, the items are recycled into someone else’s home.  Once you join a Freecycle group, you can post your unwanted items and view the things that others in your group have to give away.

As our babies are only babies for a short time, there is never a shortage of baby items on Freecycle.  Most of the items are gently used and some have never been used at all.  In cases where the items are not in pristine condition, the poster usually will usually state the condition of items up front.

Think of all of the things around your house that could end up on Freecycle instead of in a landfill!  You don’t just have to think of the big things like the bouncy seat your sister in-law swore your baby would love, but just causes him to scream; things that would normally be thrown into the trash, like baby food jars, a hundred plastic hangers from baby pants and the samples of infant formula you received from the hospital can be Freecycled.   Even broken items can be Freecycled; just be sure to state your item’s condition in your post so that the recipient knows that they may be getting a fixer-upper.

There are over 100 Freecycle groups in Georgia – many for different Metro-Atlanta cities, counties and neighborhoods.

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