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Maternity Concierge & Baby Planner Industry Growth

Windy (Seattle), Melissa (Portland), Czari (HQ) - Our Baby Planners at ABC Kids Expo in Vegas

Since 2006, there have been a handful of companies who decided to help new and expecting parents through the overwhelming world of having and caring for a new baby in the areas of baby registry/baby gear consultation, nursery set-up, child proofing and other services. This field has officially defined itself as the Maternity Concierge and Baby Planner industry which has seen a tremendous amount of growth over the years and especially over the last few months from recent media exposure related to the new Bravo show Pregnant in Heels.

Itsabelly Baby Planners is a pioneer in this niche who has seen the industry grow from its infancy since 2006. We are excited to be part of this growing industry and honored to be in touch with hundreds of aspiring maternity concierge/ baby planners through our Baby Planner 101 Teleseminars, Baby Planner in a Box Consultations and a continuous blast of phone/email inquiries. We are also proud to be members of the first global trade association for Baby Planners and Maternity Concierge, The International Baby Planner Association (IBPA).

Prior to launching our businesses as a Maternity Concierge or Baby Planner most of us were already offering our services free of charge to pregnant family members and friends. As an example, we assisted them through the overwhelming task of  plowing through big box baby stores to help them sort through an ocean of baby products or set up their nursery. Some of us have gone through our first pregnancy experience with no one around to help other than books, on-line websites and maybe a doula or midwife to guide us. In the end, we have one primary thing in common and that is the desire to share our knowledge by empowering, guiding and supporting expecting couples who want the assistance of a baby planner professional.

You might wonder who in the world would hire a Maternity Concierge or Baby Planner and after successfully running Itsabelly since 2006  I can honestly share actual profiles of our typical clients. First, as baby planners we have a small niche market that we cater to and we know that our services will not be attractive or necessary for everyone. However, our clients can range from a pregnant woman who is on bed rest and needs someone to help set up her baby registry and/or nursery, a busy career oriented couple who works 50 hours a week, expatriates who have entered the USA from another country, parents going through the intense process of surrogacy, IVF or adoption, and couples who only want help in one specialty area like multiples coaching or child proofing. These are all unique circumstances but are very typical of the clients Itsabelly works with.

If you are expecting or a new parent and interested in learning more about how a Maternity Concierge or Baby Planner can help you through your pregnancy or parenting dilemma Itsabelly is here to help! Additionally, on the business end if you are an aspiring Maternity Concierge or Baby Planner and need some guidance on how to get started in this new industry Itsabelly can help you too. If you are looking for a baby planner in your city check out The International Baby Planner Association’s Premier Membership List.

Our next free “How to Become a Baby Planner 101” teleseminar  is June 1st at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST via phone for 45 minutes. To sign up please email us at info@itsabelly.com or call 503-297-5326. You may also email us to be placed on the waiting list for our next available class.

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