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Must Know Tips for New Parents (as seen AM Northwest)


By Melissa Moog

When I first launched Itsabelly, I was invited as a guest expert on AM Northwest, a Portland morning news program. I was excited to share my must know tips for new parents. At the time, I was also a new mom to my first baby, Isabella who was about 8 months old. So, having gone through sleep deprivation and many 2 AM diaper changes myself it seemed fitting to share what I learned with other parents. Below I’ve re-posted helpful tips to make life less overwhelming for new parents as they welcome baby home.

If you have other tips to share please feel free to post them here.

1.  Work as a cohesive team with your spouse & have a good support network.  Don’t hesitate to accept help from others.
2.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Family first, laundry last (it’s ok if the laundry piles up).
3.  Getting your baby on a schedule is key.  It will help get both of you into a regular eating and sleeping routine.
4.  The first 3 months will be the hardest because you’re feeding and changing diapers every two hours while exhausted.
5.  You can’t spoil your baby in the first 6 months because a baby cries out of need during this early stage so it’s ok to be attentive.
6.  You can save money by not buying baby products like special laundry detergent, bottle warmer, diaper stacker or fancy baby quilt.
7.  Best baby gear to have handy – carrier, sling, bouncer, porta-crib (for hands free situations).
8.  Allow parenting breaks,  a re-energized parent is a better parent!
9.  Remember every baby develops differently.  Don’t get caught up in comparing your baby to others.
10. There are few perfect births, all that matters is mama & baby come out of labor healthy.

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