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As a Mom to Multiples, I Take Life One Day at a Time


By Elizabeth Sneller, Mom to Triplets (guest post)

There are numerous life lessons that come with being a parent, and as a mom to multiples (specifically triplets) one of the greatest things I’ve learned is to take life one day at a time.  As cliché as this might sound, it is really a major change in my thinking that came about with the birth of my babies.

I have found that this thought process has advantages in both precious and challenging times.  In good times, this mantra has allowed me to stay “present” and enjoy the amazing world of infants and toddlers.  In difficult times, it has got me through a crazy day like when all three kids had the stomach flu.  Taking life one day at a time makes difficult situations seem more manageable.  Sometimes, I even take life 2 hours at a time, like when the kids are throwing their oatmeal on the ground, and I know that in 2 hours it will be nap time for both kids and mommy.  Life with twins or more can quickly get chaotic and sometimes getting through one day is a major achievement!  I love that this outlook allows me start each morning off fresh and ready for all the day’s joys and challenges that lie in store.

Does taking life one day at a time mean that I throw all planning for the future aside?  Absolutely not.  The key to this lesson is the ability to conquer small things on a daily basis.  For example, when I first found out we were having triplets I lost A LOT of sleep worrying about what our life was soon going to be like.  Truthfully, there WAS a lot to worry about, but everyday I researched or tackled one of these concerns, and soon our future seemed more manageable.  Having a plan for raising multiples was one of the best things I could do to stay present and enjoy the unique moments in our family.

After talking to many new moms, especially mothers of twins, I have found this is a wonderful skill set to possess.  It gives you an amazing confidence that you can conquer or survive just about anything.  The future can be overwhelming when you start projecting out months and years in advance.  Believe me, I still worry about how we are going to get through drivers training with three kids turning 16 at once, but I know by then we will figure out something.


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