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Getting your baby into position for an easier birth

So, you’ve been planning and preparing for labor all of these months! You’ve been eating right, attending childbirth education classes, been reading waaaaay too many books, blogs, websites AND have received all kinds of “helpful” tid bits of information from ALL kinds of “helpful” peeps in your life. Even the cashier at the grocery store recognizes you are STILL pregnant! (Yes…yes I am. Thank you very much for pointing that out). You’ve done everything right. But wait…have you thought about optimal fetal position and what you can do to encourage your baby to make it easier on the both of you for a shorter and more satisfying labor and birth experience? Here are some simple things you can do to help achieve optimal fetal position leading up to labor:

  •         Be mindful of posture. Your belly is like a hammock, sitting up straight encourages your baby’s back to swing forward to an anterior position. Anterior is optimal.


  •         Sit on the ball at different times through the day. This engages your core, opens hips, and creates a forward sitting posture.
  •         Engage in Cat/Cow yoga positions before bedtime….even on top of your cozy bed for 25 reps. When you’ve finished, just roll over and drift off into sweet slumber through the entire night. (ya, right!)
  •         Rebozo sifting. Have a loved one help you relax those muscles and ligaments.
  •         Schedule a chiropractic appointment- make room for your baby by optimizing your body with balance and alignment.
  •         Hire a doula!!!

Remember, you and your baby work together as an amazing team in labor. Optimal fetal position is a game changer.  My name is Erica Godell and I’ve been a certified birth doula since 2007. I feel so blessed and honored to be a witness to the miracle of birth. Happy Positioning!!


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