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Supporting Families with Multiples – Professional Training


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Professional Training is an online event that equips you with the knowledge and skills to support families expecting more than one baby.

Supporting Families with Multiples – Professional Training

Do you wish you had more knowledge as you work with twin or triplet families? Have you been challenged by questions parents of twins have asked you? Are you curious about what other families have done?

Come learn from a doula who not only has two sets of twins herself but also has been working professionally with families of multiples for more than 25 years, teaches TWINS 101 classes to expectant parents, and owns a Doula group whose team’s specialty is working with families expecting twins, triplets and even quads!

Some of the topics that will be covered 

Welcoming the family home, physical and emotional 

Planning to feed 2 or more; setup, equipment 

Special considerations for premature babies

Physiological differences between multiples and singletons

Scheduling/Routines and what that looks like

How does the whole family eat? 

Swaddling and sleeping options for multiples 

Tandem wearing babies safely 

Challenge scenarios for experienced doulas

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