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My Personal Battle with the Baby Weight & Getting Rid of the Bulge

By Melissa Moog

I know there are many moms out there who are struggling to lose the baby weight or have kept the extra weight on for many years after having their baby. Admittedly, I am “that mom” who had her first baby, didn’t lose all the baby weight the first time and subsequently got pregnant with twins. Now, I’m stuck with losing all of the extra baby weight from two pregnancies, ugh!

All my life my weight has been like a roller coaster, up and down constantly. I’ve now reached the point where I’m disgusted with the way I look and feel. I think it’s the one major issue in my life that has always been a big chip on my shoulder. And it doesn’t help that my wardrobe consists of stretchy pants, big t-shirts and my go-to color is black aka the slimming color (wink).

So, a few weeks ago I decided to do something about it and started the Cinch Inch Loss Plan. I decided to try the program out because of my friend and fellow mom blogger, Sommer Poquette of Green and Clean Mom whose had great success with it. Sommer has lost 20.5 inches and 26.5 pounds since September 22, 2011!

So far,  in just a few weeks I’ve lost 6 total inches mainly in my middle section and I’ve been tracking inches lost as well as how my clothing fits. What I like best about the program is it allows me to grab healthy meals on-the-go while still eating a balanced meal every day. It fits perfectly into my crazy, busy life style as a mom and entrepreneur. Below is more information about why Cinch works to help you shed the weight. I have also shared all of the critical action steps I’m following daily.

The Science Behind The Cinch Inch Loss Plan:

Instead of creating weight loss from water and muscle like with most diet programs, the Cinch Inch Loss Plan works by helping to preserve lean body mass and promoting weight loss from fat. Preserving lean body mass also prevents your metabolic rate, or ability to burn calories, from dropping. The Cinch Inch Loss Plan provides products powered by the essential amino acid leucine. Recent scientific research indicates that leucine may play a special role in weight loss because it acts as a signal for protein synthesis in muscle tissue. As a result, leucine helps your body preserve muscle mass while you lose weight from fat. The Cinch program has undergone preliminary clinical testing that indicated positive results for weight loss, fat loss, inch loss, and preservation of fat-free mass.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Replacing two meals with a protein shake or bar and taking the Cinch 3-in-1 Boost Vitamin
  • Drinking 6-8 glasses of water
  • Eating a healthy, well balanced dinner (focused on lean protein and green leafy veggies)
  • Keeping my daily caloric intake at 1,200 calories
  • Exercising at least 30 minutes every day while allowing one rest day. I’m currently training for a 5k.
  • Tracking my food intake via LoseIt.com (a great iPhone App)
  • For support, I’m part of the Cinch Community and am able to share my struggles and wins daily in our Facebook group. I also have a fellow mom I’m exercising with weekly who helps me stay accountable and keeps me motivated (Thanks Pauline!) 🙂
If you’re interested in joining me and trying the Cinch Inch Loss Plan leave a comment here on our blog or email me at melissa@itsabelly.com. You can also call our office at 503-297-5326. Just make sure to leave your name, phone # and reason you’re calling. Here’s to a positive experience during my weight loss journey! I look forward to reporting some awesome results.
Even if you’re not doing the Cinch Inch Loss Plan with me and you want a partner in crime to help give you that jump start on your weight loss journey I’m happy to be part of your virtual support team!


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