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Happy Birthday Itsabelly Baby Planners!

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By Melissa Moog, founder Itsabelly Baby Planners

I’m so excited to announce that today Itsabelly Baby Planners is celebrating its 5th birthday, a huge milestone for us! Five years ago today, I officially gave birth to Itsabelly Baby Planners, LLC and registered it with the state of Oregon. I couldn’t be any happier to share that we have survived all of the hard work from our initial concept development to our official launch (a grand total of 6 years).  I’m so proud to be a part of a thriving, mom owned business who has served hundreds of clients (new parents & aspiring baby planners). We’ve also experienced our own share of ups and downs. I clearly remember when my baby planning concept was in its infancy stages after giving birth to my first child in 2006 and found out I wasn’t alone with my savvy business idea 🙂

In the beginning of my business endeavor I found another baby planner overseas through my diligent internet search. And shortly after Itsabelly launched there was one other business that started in the USA. Now, you can probably find 70-80 businesses across the world who are in the baby planning and maternity concierge field! I’m truly honored to be a pioneer who has helped grow this niche and created more exposure for our industry to showcase what baby planners are all about. I’m excited to see what’s in store for all of us who are dedicated to making life just a little bit easier for expecting and new parents globally. With that said, I’m now a new parent again to twins and continue to immerse myself in everything baby. I consider my role in life as a mom to 3 kiddos ages 5 and 8 months as the best work experience ever helping me to stay in the forefront of what’s trending in the baby planning industry. This whole business adventure although challenging at times has been a wonderful blessing. I’m extremely grateful first and foremost to my husband who has been my rock and to all of the new parents, followers, good friends and business colleagues (especially fellow mom entrepreneurs) who have stuck by me and supported my baby, Itsabelly through the years – THANK YOU!!

How We’re Celebrating this Milestone!

To celebrate our fifth year in business we’re hosting a giveaway of some great baby products which we’ll share details of next week. In order to enter to win you’ll need to watch our blog, Facebook page and Twitter to find out all of the gory details so stay tuned!

A Shameless Plug for Baby Planners

For a list of professional baby planner businesses across the country please check out the International Baby Planner Association. Our members are listed here: Baby Planner Directory. If you need help with planning for your baby’s arrival or need any assistance after baby arrives please don’t hesitate to ask one of our professional businesses for help! We’re here to ease your stress, give you back much needed time in your day and coach you through those new parent moments when you just want some help from the experts. Here’s to healthy, happy pregnancies and babies!! 🙂

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