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D.R.I.A. Cover- Discrete Reliable Infant Accessory

By Joanie Whitman, Kansas City Baby Planner

Looking for the perfect gift for the expectant mother in your life?  Well here it is!  The DRIA Cover is a good choice.  It’s a mom-inspired and crafted fashion accessory that is not only a great addition to your pregnancy wardrobe, but can be used in several different ways for when baby arrives:

  • Wear it! As that tummy grows and grows, just accessorize and look great.
  • Use it! As a nursing cover. It’s sewn from a soft, stretchy fabric that is wrinkle resistant, making it possible to carry it in your diaper bag.  Many nursing covers can be a difficult to get on especially when baby is ready to eat now.  DRIA is easy to use by simply throwing it over your head.   You’re ready for discreet public feeding.
  • Tie it! It’s multi-functional.  Use it as an infant seat/stroller cover by tying the ends together. Neck opening allows for safe gripping of handle.

I received my DRIA Cover when I was 5 months pregnant and haven’t stopped using it since.  It quickly made it to my must-have list for expectant mothers everywhere.


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