By Melissa Moog, Itsabelly founder

Well, I’ve been in hibernation like mama bear for the last three months and finally ready to share some really exciting news! I want to thank my inspiring friends Mary R., Alicia V. and my darling hubby for encouraging me to write about my journey so stay tuned for my regular posts. Here I am on my 11th week of being pregnant and need to catch you all up! Yes, it’s true and after three challenging years (more on this later) of trying to grow our little family we’re excited to announce we are pregnant with not one but TWO babies. Double the joy? Or might you say double trouble? Happy sigh…

Sometimes I think what the heck am I doing to myself? Here I am 40 years young (I feel OLD) and diving into a twin pregnancy! When my twins turn 10 I’ll practically be in a rocking chair (wink). Seriously though, the reality is I enjoyed a 15 year corporate HR career, got married in my early 30’s and became an older mom. And I know in society today we are seeing more older women become new moms later in life so thank goodness I’m not alone!

Actually, we’re very excited about our twin pregnancy and my hubby always wanted the magical number of three children (we already have one daughter who’s 4) so he got his wish. And I only have to be pregnant once! Too bad he’s not the one having to go through what I call “all day sickness” though. And who was the goofball that named it “MORNING sickness” anyway?  I have it through out the day and during the most inopportune times like when I’m trying to focus and get work done – ugh! When the “ALL DAY sickness” hits all I want to do is drag my big butt to bed, have pillows envelope me and put my feet up only to veg and watch some mindless reality crap on TV.

The exhaustion and hormonal surge during the first few months have been outrageous. I’d want to shut my eyelids by 2:00 pm and wouldn’t even change out of my PJ’s since all I wanted to do was sleep. And forget about making dinner for my family…this is the one daily chore that I’m still having a very difficult time doing because I have no energy or interest in food. I lost my cravings for even my most favorite junk foods like pizza…nothing sounds good except anything with ginger, anything citrus based (sour, tart), downing a hot cup of Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Morning Wellness Tea and spraying Happy Mama Spray all around me! If I could eat that stuff I would!

So, if you’re pregnant and haven’t yet heard of Earth Mama Angel Baby’s products they truly help take the edge off your “all day sickness”. Honestly, cross my heart they saved me during my first few months! So, I’m curious what saved you from morning aka all day sickness? Do you have any suggestions you want to share with our readers? Please feel free to comment here.

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